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Asian Legal Business: Hwuason Law Firm Ranked in the 2023 China Boutique Law Firm List

June 25, 2024, 3:59 p.m.

Recently, the January 2023 issue of Asian Legal Business Jan 2023/China Edition under Thomson Reuters was published in Hong Kong and published a feature report on the 2023 ALB China Firms to Watch.Hwuason Law Firm has been selected as one of the 2023 ALB China Boutique Law Firms for its excellent reputation in China's tax law market and its influence in the tax lawyer industry.

Asian Legal Business:

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Beijing, Huashui Law Firm currently has 4 equity partners and more than 10 non-equity partners. In the past year, Huashui has provided various legal services related to tax law consulting and consulting, tax planning, tax dispute resolution, tax-related criminal defense and compliance for a large-scale comprehensive financial and taxation service platform, state-owned and joint venture petrochemical enterprises, real estate enterprises, and units directly under the central government, further strengthening its leading position in the market. Over the years, Huashui has gained insight into the changes in the market demand of China's tax law, and launched products to meet the market demand in a timely manner, especially in recent years, it has adhered to the service concept of "industry" + "tax law", focusing on building an elite team and high-quality products for tax law services in pharmaceutical, foreign trade, energy, real estate, renewable resources, manufacturing, trade and other industries. In addition, in the past seven years, China Tax has deepened the cross-border integration and business cooperation between law firms and tax agent firms, built a national tax law service network, and continued to consolidate its influence in China's tax law service market. As an industry leader, Huashui has also invested a lot of resources in the field of tax law vocational training, and has also actively participated in the discussion of various national tax legislation, contributing to the construction of the rule of law in national taxation. In the future, on the basis of deepening the existing development strategy, Huashui will adhere to the cross-border integration of "tax" + "law", strive to exceed 100 branches of the tax office in the country, and realize the integration of advantageous resources of branches in various provinces.

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