privacy agreement

We solemnly promise that we will take appropriate security protection measures to protect your personal information in accordance with mature security standards in the industry.

Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, this website will not disclose or provide this information to third parties without your prior permission.

When you agree to this website service use agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this Privacy Policy. This privacy agreement is an integral part of this website service usage agreement.

1. Scope of application

a) When you use the network services of this website, this website automatically receives and records your information.

2. Use of information

a) After obtaining your data, this website will upload it to the server so that you can better use the service.

3. Information disclosure

a) This website will not disclose your information to untrusted third parties.

b) Disclose to third parties or administrative or judicial agencies in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of administrative or judicial agencies;

c) If you violate relevant Chinese laws, regulations or relevant rules, you need to disclose it to a third party;

5.Information security

When using the network services of this website for online transactions, you will inevitably disclose your personal information, such as contact information or postal address, to the counterparty or potential counterparty. Please protect your personal information properly and provide it to others only when necessary. If you find that your personal information has been leaked, please contact the customer service of this website immediately so that this website can take appropriate measures.

In order to protect the security of your information, you may be required to provide a written application or prove your identity in other ways. We may first ask you to verify your identity before processing your request. We will respond within 15 working days.

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Copyright@2019 Aequity.ALL rights reserved京CP备17073992号-1