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Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of Huashui Scholarship of School of Economics and Management, Hainan Normal University was held successfully

Jan. 18, 2024, 11:50 a.m.

      In the afternoon of December 27, 2023, Sun Ping, Chairman of HUASHUI Taxation Firm (Haikou) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Haikou Huashui), and Wang Ningxian, Deputy General Manager, were invited by the School of Economics and Management of Hainan Normal University to present awards to the 20 students who had received Huashui Scholarships and Bursaries. Deputy Secretary of the School of Economics and Management of Hainan Normal University Lu Na attended the ceremony, which was hosted by Prof. Cao Shengxin of the Department of Taxation and attended by teachers and student representatives.

      At the ceremony, Chairman Mr. Sun Ping and Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Ningxian presented awards to the students who received scholarships and bursaries.

      Ms. Xu Yanrui, who won the scholarship, and Ms. Chen Yuying, who won the bursary, spoke on behalf of all the winners, expressed their heartfelt thanks to Mr. Sun Ping, the chairman of the board of directors, who set up the "Huashui Scholarship", and said that they would continue to work hard, not be arrogant and not be impatient, and stick to the original intention and strive for all the time.

      On behalf of Haikou Huashui, Mr. Sun Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors, congratulated and offered blessings to all the students who won the scholarships. Chairman Sun Ping said that this year is the first development year after the end of the new crown epidemic, and the tax accountant industry has ushered in new opportunities and challenges, and Haikou Huashui will seize the major opportunity of the Golden Tax IV construction, combined with the preferential policies of the Hainan Free Trade Port, to make the business more precise and the company stronger. We hope that more students will pay attention to the tax accountant industry in the future, devote themselves to the tax accountant industry and love the tax accountant industry.

      Subsequently, the School of Economics and Management of Hainan Normal University issued a Certificate of Honor to Chairman Sun Ping and General Manager Wang Ningxian, thanking them for the support and assistance provided by the Huashui Scholarship to the school and students over the years.

      On behalf of the College, Mr. Lu Na, Deputy Secretary of the School of Economics and Management of Hainan Normal University, expressed her warm congratulations to all the award-winning students and hoped that they would cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, learn their professional knowledge, enrich their cultivation and expand their thinking, and demand more strictly of themselves, so that they would strive to be strong and repay the society in the new journey. On behalf of the institute, we also thanked the "Huashui Scholarship" for helping students to realize their dreams and expected more students to become the future stars of the tax accountant industry.

      The awards ceremony was followed by a group photo.

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