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Zhang Qian Partner Lawyer

Bachelor of Laws from China University of Political Science and Law, Master of Finance and Taxation Law from Peking University


Lawyer's License

Business Direction

Specialized in tax dispute resolution, tax-related criminal defense and tax compliance in the renewable resources industry, steel industry, and metallurgical casting industry. Acting as an agent in a number of false administrative and criminal cases, and achieved good results, involving renewable resource recovery, iron and steel metallurgy casting, coal trade, cargo transportation and other fields. He has been invited to give tax-related training lectures to renewable resources associations and enterprises such as Guangzhou Renewable Resources Industry Association, Wuhan Renewable Resources Industry Association, Shandong Renewable Resources Industry Association, etc., and has rich experience in tax dispute resolution, tax-related criminal defense and tax compliance. He has successively served as a perennial tax law consultant for TCL Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Shixin Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huihui Investment Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises.

Work Language

Chinese , English

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