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Shi Zhengwen Part-time Lawyer

Peking University Law Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics, Chinese Minmin University, Senior Visiting Scholar in Tax Law, New York University School of Law


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His main research areas are fiscal and taxation law, comparative tax law, economic law, and public finance. He is currently the director of the Research Center for Fiscal and Taxation Law of China University of Political Science and Law, and the Qian Duansheng Chair Professor and doctoral supervisor of China University of Political Science and Law. He is also the vice president of the Finance and Taxation Law Research Association of the China Law Society, a member of the Academic Committee of the China Taxation Society, an observer for the protection of the rights and interests of Chinese taxpayers at the International Fiscal Documentation Bureau (IBFD), a legal adviser to the Ministry of Finance, a budget supervision consultant to the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, and a member of the Legal Expert Committee on Legislative Work of the Beijing Municipal People's Government. Deeply participated in the legislative consultation work of the Basic Law on Taxation, the Value-Added Tax Law, the Enterprise Income Tax Law, the Individual Income Tax Law, the Tax Collection and Administration Law, the Budget Law, the Environmental Protection Tax Law, the Customs Law and other laws.
He has published more than 30 books, including "Essentials of Tax Law", "Theory of Tax Procedure Law", "Theory of Tax Debt Law", and "Fiscal and Taxation Law". He has published more than 160 papers in core journals such as Legal Research, China Law, Xinhua Digest, Tax Research, and International Taxation. He has presided over and participated in more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial projects, such as "Research on Basic Issues in the Legislation of China's General Principles of Tax Law". Editor-in-chief of China Tax Law Review.

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