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Teng Xiangzhi Part-time Lawyer

Peking University Ph.D.


Lawyer's License

Business Direction

He is an associate researcher at the Institute of Financial and Economic Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and has taught at the University of International Business and Economics, and has been a special lecturer in case analysis of the Master of Tax Law at Peking University Law School. He is a director of the Finance and Taxation Law Research Association of the China Law Society and the China Finance and Taxation Law Education Research Association.
Main research achievements:
Monograph, Research on the Practice and Theory of Tax Law, Law Press, May 2008
Suggestions for Optimizing the Tax Policy of VAM Agreements, The Banker, No. 9, 2020;
Protection of Taxpayers' Rights in the Tax-related Information and Intelligence System: From the Perspective of Comparative Law, International Taxation, No. 12, 2019;
The Rule of Law Approach to the Reform of the Horizontal Allocation of Tax Rights in China, Taxation Research, No. 9, 2019;
China's Practice and Legal Regulation of Administrative Interpretation of Tax Law: The Logical Justification of Opening up Tax Justice, Northern Law Science, No. 11, 2017;
Legal Analysis of the New VAT Regulations on Asset Management Products, The Banker, No. 10, 2017;
On the Revision of the Tax Administration Law, Tsinghua Law Journal, No. 5, 2016;
The Neutrality of Substantive Taxation and Its Relationship with the Statutory Principles of Taxation, International Taxation, No. 10, 2015;
Practice, System and Jurisprudence of Solving the Dilemma of VAT Invoice Management: A Case Study of Renewable Resources Industry, Journal of Tax Economics, No.6, 2013;
Transaction Qualitative Theory of Tax Law, Jurist, No. 2, 2012;
On the Legal Attributes of Tax-Enterprise Disputes, Tax Research, No.1, 2011;

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Chinese , English

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