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Summer Academy

China Tax Lawyers, Tax Agents and Tax Law Graduate Students Summer Academy is jointly sponsored by All-China Lawyers Association, China Association of Certified Tax Agents and Research Center of Fiscal and Tax Law of China University of Political Science and Law, and undertaken by China Tax Law Firm. Since the establishment of the first "Summer College" in 2014, it has been held for eight consecutive sessions.

The Summer Academy is known as the cradle and "Whampoa School" for cultivating high-level tax lawyers and tax accountants in my country. It has trained and sent more than 800 tax lawyers, more than 500 tax accountants, and more than 150 tax accountants to 32 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. Key tax-related professional service talents and tax law reserve talents such as tax law graduate students have become the backbone of tax-related professional service institutions in various places, effectively improving the professional standards of tax lawyers and tax accountants.

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Copyright@2019 Aequity.ALL rights reserved京CP备17073992号-1